10 reasons why it's safe to be vulnerable

We all know that feeling, where we don’t feel completely safe and comfortable to expose ourselves to other people, but why?

Why is it that we have such a negative connotation to vulnerability and what it means to be vulnerable?

Many people including myself, have had the misconception that if we exposed ourselves to others, we would be judged, hurt, or even rejected. But is that true or is that what we are led to believe?

We are so influenced to seek the approval of others, that we often get lost in these unrealistic expectations from society, the media, friends, and family of who we should be,  instead of who we are.

I too, fell victim to this fear of vulnerability, where I didn’t feel safe to expose myself because I felt I would hurt or even worse rejected. So, like many, I didn’t dare to jump in the deep end of vulnerability.

But the truth is, vulnerability is not the ability to have others accept you, but it’s your ability to fully, truly, and unconditionally accept you for you.

And It’s safe to be vulnerable because:

1)     You no longer need to seek external approval: You are completely comfortable with who you are as an individual, and no longer need the approval of others, because you know that you are worthy, deserving, secure and safe with who you are.

2)     You give other’s the opportunity to truly accept themselves: Other’s will feel safe to be who they are and know they will be accepted just as you are.

3)     You no longer need to compare ourselves to others: Or question whether or not you are good enough, you embrace our quirks, our flaws, our uniqueness, and use it as a strength.

4)     You hold a sense of empathy and understanding: Where you can put yourself in other people’s shoes, and help support and encourage them to accept themselves.

5)     You are able to communicate and set healthy boundaries for yourself: Through vulnerability you find your voice and allow yourself to be heard, set healthy boundaries, and know what you will and will not tolerate.

6)     You are able to do what makes you happy: You will not be living in the fear of disappointing others, but having the approval of yourself, and discover a new sense of purpose, passion, and motivation that will continue to push you to achieve your goals.

7)     You will start to magnetize a new community towards you: People will be drawn to your authenticity and accept you for you.  

8)     Life will become easier: You will feel a sense of balance and tranquility because there will no longer be pressure or expectations of who you should be.

9)     You can be present: You will no longer have to over analyze or over think certain situations, because everything will be as it should be, and it allows you to be fully present, grateful, and appreciative.

10) Your insecurities will fall away: The whole concept or idea of insecurities will seem like a figment of your imagination because they won’t exist. You will feel safe, confident, and secure in your own skin.

When we fully accept ourselves, it is easy for us to feel safe in vulnerability. It is like we created a force field of safety, security, and acceptance, that gives us the strength and ability to dodge the bullets of pain, judgment, fear, and rejection.

And when we reach that level of vulnerability, we will be asking ourselves why we didn’t jump sooner.

Alicia RamosComment