50 Affirmations

50 Affirmations

These affirmations are intended to help continuous reinforcement of your new beliefs and definitions.

1.      I love and approve of myself

2.      I trust myself

3.      I see myself as a valuable human being and individual

4.      I am happy, loving, and exciting to be around

5.      I am abundant, I have all the resources I need to live a healthy, happy life

6.      I am a gift to the world

7.      I am special and my gift needs to be shared

8.      Someone is looking for what I have

9.      I have changed, and I’m continuing to change every day

10.  I can make a difference today

11.  I forgive myself from my mistakes

12.  I will be easy on myself, and it is okay

13.  Wonderful and exciting things are unfolding in front of me

14.  I am worthy and I am proud

15.  I am loved and I am love

16.  Success is all around me, because I am a magnet for success

17.  I accept full responsibility for my actions

18.  My intentions are always in the right place

19.  I know my strength and it will allow me to break past any and all challenges

20.  I recognize that every challenge gives me the opportunity to grow

21.  I surround myself with people and situations that treat me well

22.  I respect myself by setting rules and boundaries that are in alignment with my true self

23.  I love myself and each and every day I let myself know

24.  I am beautiful/handsome and smart and that’s how everyone sees me

25.  I enjoy putting myself in unknown situations, knowing I will always gain the best from it.

26.  I believe in my ability to change myself and others with the work that I do

27.  I enjoy getting up in the morning to start my day

28.  I am thankful for the people I meet, interact with, and even pass by

29.  I allow myself permission to let go of the thoughts and stories that no longer serve me

30.  This day brings me nothing but happiness and joy

31.  I accept everyone as they are

32.  I will continue to follow my dreams no matter what

33.  All my problems have a solution

34.  Everything works out for my best and highest good

35.  The answer is right in front of me, even if I am unable to see it

36.  I choose to see myself as a light to the world

37.  I am now happy in my own skin and my circumstances

38.  I see the perfection in myself

39.  I am good enough, and each and every day I get better

40.  I continue to press on, because I believe in my path

41.  Even when obstacles get in the way, I break through them easy and effortless

42.  Mistakes and setbacks are stepping stones for my success because I learn from them

43.   I expect to be successful in all my endeavors, success is my natural state

44.  I feel success right now and even more in my future success

45.  I am powerful, capable and confident

46.  I attract only the best circumstances

47.  My outer self is matched by my inner loving thoughts

48.  I am excited for change, and embrace it with joy and happiness

49.  My self-worth, self- value, and self-confidence are increasing everyday

50.  I fully accept and know myself, and know I am worthy and deserving of great things




Alicia Ramos