Divine and Wounded Feminine Energy

Yesterday we posted about Divine and Wounded Masculine, now today is the about the Divine and Wounded Feminine.

Many people especially men have a negative stigma as what it means to be feminine, now as many of you have seen from the post yesterday, there are two aspects to these energies, TWO, not one, TWO!

And this day, age, and society seems to be leaving one or the other out.

Divine feminine is our natural state, it is were ALL things are created, it is FORMLESS, were the masculine is FORM.

ex, Just like thoughts are FORMLESS (feminine), they are created first from awareness, then that thought can be formed into a tangible object taking FORM (masculine), example Steve Jobs creating Iphone or Bill Gates creating Microsoft.

Or take a fetus for example, and before the androgen wash to determine the gender of the fetus, it was considered feminine.

All existence is first created from the feminine energy.

So when we have this stigma that people say someone is too feminine or too emotional, or a man can't be feminine it's weak, that is wrong and they are clearing ignorant on the subject, especially if one is from a patriarchal society.

I know that stung for most, but that is how we are raised as individuals under this paradigm, where we are ignorant of the masculine and feminine.

Now when we are referring to feminine in this manner we can clearly see and indicate that is coming from the wounded energy, and like mentioned in yesterday's post, the wounded energy is created from shame.

So the feminine energy is being shamed by the wounded masculine which commonly happens in a patriarchal society, where a women then becomes desperate, needy, weak, powerless, victimized, and emotional.

And you see a clear disconnect of energies pulling away from one another, you will often see this is very toxic and codependent relationships.

If we are in divine feminine we would see vulnerability, connection, compassion, love, nurturing, support, encouragement, receptivity, and empathy.

Where it creates balance, trust, allowance, independence, and equanimity.

And often times when we see a negative stigma, whether in the wounded masculine or wounded feminine, gender roles can completely become reversed, where a male can pick up traits of wounded feminine and female can pick up traits of wounded masculine, which we see in many movements today.

And when that happens you will see an imbalance in the power dynamic, and creates chaos.

So when one wishes to speak of the feminine, understanding of both divine and wounded are needed to clearly understand it's entirety.

The most powerful of these energies, is the feminine as all things are created from the feminine.

What forms do you find yourself when it comes to your relationship or marriage?

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