Follow your Passion w/ Alicia Ramos

Describe your business, your mission, and who you serve 

I am a cognitive behavioral hypnotherapist; I help my clients to live rich, fulfilled, and empowered lives changing their belief systems through their unconscious mind with the techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy. My mission is not only to empower people to "become the best version of themselves", but to also pay it forward. I not only serve men and women, but i mentor young adults, volunteer at charities and shelters, and give speeches to children and host workshops.

What have you had to give up for you to be where you are at now? 

I am a single mother, and I had to give up a "regular job" that would support my daughter and I to pursue this path. I had to let go of all the negative and limiting beliefs, from myself, society, and family, and keep pushing forward to pursue my passion to empower the world.

What do you wish that the world knew about the millennial generation? 

This and the next generation are the most apparent for CHANGE! And by building up this generation and the next, will make that change possible. Its letting go of all the limiting beliefs we have been previously conditioned to, and saying this is the only way it can be, it’s not. We build our own path, and everyone was placed on this earth for a reason and purpose, and it is their gift to the world to pursue it, and to know that their passion can carry them.

What frustrates you about the work that you do? 

Nothing, it allows me to become more of my true self, teach person i interact with whether positively or unfavorably they teach me something about myself. So maybe there may be times I have difficult situations and get triggered, but it gives me the opportunity to have introspect and look within myself and ask what I needed to change about me to react this way, so even the most frustrating situations have a silver-lining.

Can you tell me about a low point in your career/life and how you got through it?

The lowest point in my life was becoming a single mother on welfare. It hurt so bad, it bruised my ego asking for help. I felt worthless, dependent, and depressed. I had always been very independent and ambitious, and I was forced by my family to ask for help from the government, not only did I feel ashamed and embarrassed but it really took a toll on my self-esteem mentally and emotionally, and I know no longer thought I was good enough. I really wanted to give up at that point. But my passion and purpose to be someone greater to help empower the world, started to change my perspective.

Telling myself there was someone out there who has it worse than me that I could pick myself up and keep striving in a different direction. I always idolized Tony Robbins, and envisioned myself in sold out stadiums and seminars, motivating and empowering others. That was my purpose; I would see the goals so vividly they felt real. So I studied Tony Robbins path, learned NLP and hypnotherapy, from there I was able to change my beliefs of public speaking and the limiting beliefs I had within me. In order for me to help people, I had to be able to help myself first, and learn from my mistakes trial and error.

How can someone in their 20s and early 30s start making a difference now? 

I cannot urge it enough, but FOLLOW YOUR PASSION! Not only does it allow you to shine your brightest and defy the rules of past conditioning, but you lead as an example for others to follow their passion and to become more of their true self.

And when a person is their best and highest self, they no longer listen or align themselves to negative voices, doubts or fears that may have once prevented them in the past. They no longer need the validation or approval of other because they become confident in themselves and their gifts and align themselves with people and situations that also confirm and reinforce this belief.

It is being your true self, and by being that you create a ripple for the next generation for them to become their best self.

Alicia Ramos