How do we make the right decision?

They say to be rational we must listen to the head, to be kind we must listen to the heart, but to be right when must listen to our gut.

But what if we use them all together, wouldn’t we have some profound belief or decisions to make that would bring us absolute truth and clarity?

Like many of us, there is a tug of war between the head and heart. One tells us to go in this direction, while the other tells us to go the other. But if we continue to fight between the two, we often remain stagnant and incongruent to what we most desire, and far way from our initial outcome.

Now if the head and the heart are the troublesome of the two, why don’t we listen to the third, our intuition?

We often choose to ignore our intuition because we are guided by the other two, and do not take the time to be completely present and rational to listen to our own inner gut feelings.

Often times when it does trigger us, it forewarns us about something ahead, something that we need to take cautious of. But why do we ignore it? What is so bad about listening to that inner gut feeling you have with you?

If its going to provide you with information and keep you safe from harm, then wouldn’t that be the rational choice to make a decision from?

But then again when people think of rational, they often associate that to “head” which holds our brain. But is it really the head that we are thinking with, or is it just our ego?

Ego also doesn’t want harm, but it is used more for an egotistical gain, for our own self gain, and not so much on the stand point of having the oppositions best interest.

But what about the heart? When we listen to the heart, we are coming from a very selfless perspective considering the oppositions interest, and sometimes even our own.

But when we rely too much on our heart and do not balance it out with our head, we have the tendency to actually do more harm to ourselves than good.

We may more often than not cater to other people and put their needs before our own.

And when are heart has been damaged too much from the past, giving the benefit of the doubt and trusting it, we may start to unfortunately lose hope from all the harm.

So what about our gut, our intuition, how can we or why should we use that to make logical and empathic decisions?

Well if the head has too much ego, and the heart has too much emotion, then we need to find that equal balance, that can compromise the two, that will allow us make the best decision possible.

If you can imagine your intuition is located in your gut, your naval which is in the center of your entire body.  About equal distant from the head to the feet.

Its located what many in the metaphysical arena refer to as the second chakra or the naval chakra, which holds our passion, desires, emotions, guilt and intuition.

Our naval chakra, is located just above the root chakra (located at the pelvic bone) and right below the solar plexus (located on the lower back of the spine) these are the energy points to our soul located on the physical body, the lower it is on our central energy points, the more grounded we are to earth, the higher more in tune with the hub of the collective unconsciousness or source.

But you may ask, wouldn’t I want to be closer to source to make a decision with clarity? So shouldn’t I use my head. In theory yes, but when we are not in a meditative state where we can make a clear cut decision, we aren’t dealing with our higher end chakras like the crown or the brow, we are still dealing with ego.

then if you continue to go down the line, we would hit the heart, which is still above the naval, so shouldn’t we choose the heart? Not necessarily, because their is still too much emotion that the heart has to maneuver through, their wouldn’t be the right amount of clarity to have a long-term affect on the decision, their could be a possibility of regret later if taking too much considerations of the other persons needs than ourselves.

unless of course you are coming from an non-judgmental enlightened state, then all means that that as you may take that route as the best option for you.

But lets assume you are not, the naval chakra still is your best bet. Why because when we are operating from a charka that low, we are still grounded by the physical reality, we haven’t lost sight of what is in front of us and the decision we need to make, yet we can still tap into the spiritual realm for guidance from a higher source, usually our higher self that knows the outcome of the situation.

Think about, when you are able to see directly in front of you and directly above you, you gain a new perspective on your decision and the outcome of the decision you make.

We can look from both perspective, empathically to the other, as the heart would do, and consideration of our own needs as the head would do. We combined both decision making techniques to actually improve the outcome for all parties involved past, future, and present.

One other thing the gut has the ability to do, besides staying rational and empathic, is its ability to tap into the collective unconsciousness delivering unbiased information to us, to make a decision of clarity that is congruent to ourselves and the situation.

It is not ego driven, or emotionally manipulated. It is grounded by unbiased clarity that is connected to the earth and the soul.

The next time you have an important decision to make, consult with the inner self that is located in your gut, known as your intuition. It will help you bring clarity and insight to conquer your current situation.

Alicia Ramos