How to shift a minor setback into an amazing comeback

How many of you have ever felt defeated, and didn’t think it was possible to pick yourself up? And how many of you proved yourself wrong? The saying goes, “God will not give you more than you can handle”, and it is our mindset that determines which way we will go. We can either become the victim or victor of your life, the choice is yours.

I have been faced my fair share of setbacks, where I thought I wasn’t going to be able to survive where I thought,” oh well! I guess that’s it, I guess this is my life” “Why can’t things go my way” or my favorite “Why is this happening to me.”

But nothing is really ever happening to us, we are just experiencing an event in our lives where the lesson is more important than the event itself. And when we learn the lesson, the experience will no longer appear in our lives.

Have you ever experienced a break up or the loss of a job and you thought to yourself all the possible ways your life was over.  When something traumatic and unexpected happens to us, we have a tendency to go start to the negatives. And we start blaming ourselves and giving ourselves fault by asking questions like, ”what did I do wrong” “what’s going to happen now” “”was I not good enough” “is there someone better?”

And that’s okay, this process is normal. Yes it takes a little, sometimes big, toll on our self-esteem but that’s okay, we can recover from it.

When we start to shift our mindset from a negative one to an empowering one, our outcome starts shift too. 

By asking ourselves empowering questions, we will receive empowering answers.  Not only does asking questions shift our emotional state, but our mental state as well.

So instead of asking “Was I not good enough” ask yourself “How can I improve myself for the next endeavor?  Or instead of “Is there someone better?” rather tell yourself “I know I am worthy, and something better will come my way.”

These are some of empowering thoughts, questions, and statements that shift a minor setback into an amazing comeback.

So whenever you are feeling like you are defeated remind yourself that you aren’t, you are just in a “state of being defeated”, by we never are truly stuck, and it is when we shift our mindset to an empowered state that we can truly live an empowered life.




Alicia Ramos