How to Encompass the Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies

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Now you may be thinking if I’m a female do I really emcompasses

the masculine energy and if i'm male do I encompass the feminine energy

The truth is, YES!

We are have both forms of the masculine and feminine energy

within us, some energy more than others.

Think of the Chinese Philosophy of the Yin (feminine) and Yang (Masculine), this creates a harmonious balance within us.

One is not separate from the other, but they are used together to create it's divinity.

Just as we are.


Not only do we need to understand the Masculine and Feminine Energies, we also need to go a step further and understand the Divine and Wounded aspects of these energies simultaneously.

When we are in our divine form, we will see and feel a wholeness, a harmony, a balance, and independence within us. Where we feel safe secure, confident, and vibrant all on our own.

When we are in our wounded form, we will see more of this wounded perspective reflected back to us in our external reality, which is that of jealousy, possessiveness, insecurity, unworthiness, desperation, and codependency.

And when we are aware of the different forms we are in, this allows us consciously start to transform into the divine self.

Our divine self is harmoniously balanced with both the divine masculine and divine feminine which creates a wholeness and independence of self.

When we think of the Masculine, we often associate this with the male gender, as strong, courageous, physical strength, endurance, etc...

but the female gender can also hold strong traits of the masculine energy.

Often times when this happens, we will see it in codependent relationships, whether intimate or among the family dynamics, where are roles become distorted and an enmeshment of different roles form.

So in relationships, when we see a female taking on strong dominant traits of the masculine energy, like providing, decisiveness, resentment, control, manipulation, and enabling, we can recognize this as the wounded masculine. While their male counterpart would be in the wounded feminine, weak, dependent, unstable, closed off,and insecure.

And the roles become very toxic and destructive.

The wounded forms from shaming the different energies based on gender and expectations.

So when a person is shamed for not being what is expected of them, they starts to feel bad about themselves, and fall into the wounded form, creating this toxic cycle of unworthiness, loneliness, and codependency.

As we balance in our equanimity of the divine forms of masculine and feminine energy simultaneously, we are filled with confidence, worth, and independence.

And when we are in relationships, we naturally allow ourselves to fall into our intended divine gender role, continuing to bring the harmony of the masculine and feminine from each individual, creating a relationship of independence and interdependence.

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