Love is Not Money, Money is NOT love

Love is love and money is money!

Society is completely miscued by what is and what it is not. Even more now a days we are conflicted within ourselves because of what society tells us to be, what culture tells us to be, in the name of love. That if you buy me this or that you love me, if you give me this amount of money, you love me, if you spend this amount showering me with gifts and presents, you love me.

Instagram is flooded with unrealistic couples goals and relationship goals, having us compare ourselves to other individuals and couples constantly, this creates confusion and doubts in our minds that we are not loved, that we are unlovable, that we are unworthy, or that we are not good enough, if we are not experiencing this type of love. But this is a very shallow type of love and only based on superficiality, no real deep connection, so that they will never get hurt. And if they do get hurt, angry, exploited, resentful,it’s because of unrealistic expectations of what love is that they hold onto.

But the reason why people spend on someone else or why we believe our value or how lovable we are, is based on how much someone spends or doesn’t spend on us, is because we are scared of emotional vulnerability. That deep down we are scared of being vulnerable. We are scared of completely being open to someone by showing them our true selves, because we are scared we will be hurt,rejected, and not accepted, we are scared that if we have nothing to give you will not love me, for me. That whatever I have to offer solely by myself outside of monetary or material possession is not good enough. Or that if I am not given to or spend on them I am unworthy and unloved.

How ridiculous does that sound? That you are only lovable by a dollar amount given to you.

This false misconception usually starts when we our children, so young, malleable, and impressionable. Based on how the child receives or doesn’t receive love, if the parent(s) way of showing them love is by buying them things, then the child grows up to believe love is based on how much you can give to me in material possession/financially. If the child is not given money or a clear definition of what love is, they often compare themselves to others, and they believe they are not loved and/or unworthy of love. If a child is not given material possession/money, but showered with love and affection, they will be able to distinguish that you don’t need material possession to experience love, and if a child is shown the difference between love and money, they may grow up to have a much healthier perspective on distinguishing the difference between love and money.

We often hear the stereotypical saying that, the people that have the most money are the most unhappiest, and people with little to no money are usually the happiest, this is only true because of this misconception of what love is and what love is not. If we chase and believe this false ideology that love is money and money is love, we will never be fulfilled, we will always be chasing, trying to fill a void inside of us. Trying to impress people, seek validation that we will never get until we learn to love ourselves and distinguish the difference. You are whole,lovable, and complete with or without money, don’t let the false beliefs of society tell you differently. The deep love and connection that comes from emotional vulnerability, a powerful one, so choose to experience it.

Love is love, money is money!