Divine and Wounded Masculine Energy

Are you familiar with the Divine and Wounded Energies of the Masculine?

When we think of the Masculine, we often associate this with the male gender, as strong, courageous, physical strength, endurance, etc...

but did you know the female gender also holds strong traits of the masculine energy.

Often times when this happens in relationships, when roles become reversed,distorted, and enmeshed with opposite roles.

In relationships, when we see a female taking on the strong dominant traits of the masculine energy, like providing, decisiveness, resentment, control, manipulation, and enabling, we can recognize that they may be demonstrating wounded masculine energy. While their male counterpart would be more likely be in the wounded feminine energy, weak, dependent, unstable,and insecure.

And these roles lead to very toxic and destructive relationships.

The wounded energies are formed from shamed, based on the different societal, cultural, religious, gender, and family expectations.

When a person is shamed for not being what is expected of them, they starts to feel bad about themselves, and fall into the wounded form, creating this toxic cycle of unworthiness, loneliness, and codependency.

As we balance in our equanimity of the divine forms of masculine and feminine energy simultaneously, we are become filled with confidence, purpose, and independence.

What forms do you find yourself when it comes to your relationship or marriage?

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