Strive for excellence

How many times have you wanted to achieve a goal, but there was something that was holding you back?

What if your goal was to become someone you wanted to idolize? How could you do it, if your past beliefs were the very things that were holding you back.

One thing that I never wanted in life, was to live a life of mediocrity. I didn’t like how it looked of felt to be in a lower income bracket, or being categorized in the lower-middle class.

Growing up in the suburbs, I wasn’t well off nor was I walking barefoot. I lived a rather comfortable life. But living a comfortable life, I felt unproductive, unmotivated, and uninspired.

Living on the outskirts of Los Angeles, in Orange County. I was conveniently close to the city, beach, mountains and amusement parks. Everything was at my finger tips, but I always wanted more.

There was something in me that also felt empty and uninspired, don’t get me wrong, I grew up in a great location perfect for families to raise their kids, but I never felt it reflected me.

Growing up in the 90’s, I was addicted to 90210 and Melrose Place, I watched Clueless Religiously, and saw the life of Luxury I always wanted and strived for.

Watching 90210 and Clueless, prompted the idea and belief that I wanted to live in Beverly Hills, that if ever whenever I made it, I would be living in Beverly Hills, CA.

Now take it, I had no idea how I was going to get there but I knew I wanted to be there.

I grew up with the belief I was going to be a District Attorney like Marcia Clark, (attorney who served during the OJ Simpson Trials) and that I would go to USC, and live and have a practice in you guessed it, BEVERLY HILLS.

Although that dream no longer resonates with me, I still always strived to live and work in Beverly Hills.

It was the feeling and excitement of the wealthy, luxury, and opportunities that made me feel at home.

I would walk down Beverly Dr. to all the shops, hang out at Montage, walk down Rodeo Drive, and feel the abundance I’ve always imagined.

It was then that I knew and realized that my idea of excellence was represented by the location I felt most at home with, Being in Beverly Hills, it opened doors and gave me the opportunities to grow and become the best version of myself. It was my association to what Beverly Hills meant to me is what made me strive to become me.

What does excellence mean to you, and how do you strive to become excellent?

Alicia Ramos