A Mindset 4 Success, is a winning mindset! It is a mindset that helps you to become aligned with your truth path and purpose. It is removing all the negative blockages that are getting in your way, silencing the inner self doubt and re-editing our sob story.

It is a mindset that is going to help you to hone in and achieve your dreams.

Ask any successful person what is one of the fundamental keys to success! 90% of them will tell you it is mindset, then comes action. 

If we are not in the right mindset  when taking the right action, we are deliberately hindering our progression in the right direction.


  • wanting to lose weight - telling yourself your fat - but working out everyday

  • wanting to stop smoking - telling yourself you can't live without it -  but using nicoret patches

  • wanting to start a business - but putting yourself down - but B2B networking

  • want a loving relationship - only accepting toxic relationships - but doing daily affirmation

  • wanting to pursue your dreams - talking yourself out of it - but educating yourself to perfect your skill.

When we take the proper action but if have a negative mindset, it actually prevents us from moving forward. We can take all the action in the world, but if our mindset is not refined and fine tuned to our desires, it will try to prevent us from movement or even whose sabotage our own efforts.

Mindset development is the fundamental key to success, in ANY aspect of your life. And understanding your mindset will help you to achieve your dreams.

My name is Alicia Ramos, I am a Mindset Coach + Hypnotherapist. I help clients from all around the world develop a mindset 4 success. Removing blockages + Limiting beliefs is my forte

It is with much excitement that I welcome you on your journey to developing a mindset 4 success. 

On this journey I will help you uncover your blockages + limiting beliefs that keep getting in the way of your success. I will share with you my tips, tricks, and exercise that will help you unlock your true potential and lead you to a life full of success. 

Come along with me and develop a mindset for success.

Alicia Ramos