Why having a morning routine will alleviate anxiety

Often times many of my clients come to me because they are overwhelmed with stress and anxiety and it takes a toll on them physically, mentally, and emotionally that they are unable to move forward in their lives. And often times this stress that they are dealing with comes from not putting themselves first and prioritizing their needs.  

It is very important for us to prioritize our time, especially in the beginning of the day or we can get overwhelmed and stress out by even the littlest things in life. 

Having a morning routine promotes self-care, time management, and helps to reinforce our value.

 Often time’s people that do not have a set structure are the ones that are feeling overwhelmed, overloaded, and overworked, because they are not consciously putting their energy in the right place that is going to benefit them in the long run.

 Many times its those people that can't say no to others, they lack time management skills, they are always putting others first, they are thinking about the future and what needs to happen next, they place unrealistic expectations for themselves right in the beginning of the day.

 So when a person has a set structure and has developed a morning routine for themselves, they know exactly what needs to happen at what time, what they need to do for themselves, and how much time it takes for them to accomplish those goals.

Example for me, I start my day at 5 in the morning, gym for an hour, shower, get my daughter up for school, make breakfast, pack lunch, take her to school, then check e-mails, do advertising, and follow-up with clients, and this is all before 10 am.

 Not only does this keep me on track, but it alleviates negative thinking patterns such as fears and phobias, and removes unproductive toxic behaviors.

 And this allows people to put themselves first, manage their time and projects, as well as, still be present in the moment. When you promote self-care, it allows you to be in the moment, instead of future forward thinking, that actually cause stress and anxiety due to the overwhelming fears or potential fears that could develop.  

It is very beneficial to develop morning rituals that will keep you aligned to your goals because it will help to reinforce a person’s value and worth, by promoting self-care and time management.  


Alicia Ramos