What to Expect

Your Rights:

All clients are respected without judgment, regardless of your gender, race, religion, age, sexual preferences, beliefs or any disability. Insight offer professional attention, compassion, honesty and integrity with all clientele. To receive the best out of your consultation:

The prerequisites…

  • To have the desire and willingness to heal yourself,  putting aside the ego and looking within.
  • For you to share your thoughts, feelings and actions,– we’re here to help you to help yourself.
  • To be as open and honest as you can each time we meet.
  • To ask questions if you need further clarity and understanding.
  • We request that you’re free of the effects of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs, up to 24hrs prior to session.
  • Commitment to keep appointments, and finalize your account at the end of each session


What you share stays strictly confidential. No information about any client will be discussed or shared with any third party without written consent of the client or parent/guardian if the client is under 18.

Session length and frequency:

Sessions last a minimum of one hour, though longer can sometimes be beneficial. Depending on your requirements, we can also offer you weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions to meet your demands, depending on your needs and urgency of the issues you wish to work with.

We will agree the frequency and length of sessions according to your needs – this may change over time and will periodically review how the work is going.

Professional recommendation requires 4-6 sessions to see optimal results.

Arrival, preparation and after session:

  • Please arrive at the appointed time as the office facilities don’t accommodate a full time receptionist.
  • I will have a grace period of 15 minutes if late, after 15 mins you forfeit session
  • Please do not be disruptive while waiting, there are many therapist that occupy the space that may be in session
  • Please reflect on your desired focus of attention for the session, before arrival, including emotional and physical issues.


If you need to cancel, we would appreciate if you could please give as much notice as possible.

Fees in the event of cancellation, or for not attending a booked appointment are as follows:

Cancellation of less than 24 hours’ notice -100% of fee is payable.

  • More than 24hours notice – deposit is forfeited unless booking is rescheduled for another time.
  • In the rare event that we need to re-arrange an appointment, we’ll give you as much notice as possible.


If we are working together regularly, we will give you as much notice as possible.